TC 2290 Delay 以 Plugin + 硬體控制台再現!

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    掌門人 當代校長張超然

    TC 2290 可能可以算是有史以來最 clean 的 digital delay,從 1985 年到現在有無數唱片裡的電吉他用到 (例如 U2 許多名曲)。TC Electronics 終於推出 plugin 版本,連硬體控制台ㄧ起賣 $349 美金。

    話説這個軟體是模擬的,並不是直接從 2290 上的程式搬過來。印象中 2290 好像是 DSD 的技術 (超時代!?),而非 PCM 的技術,所以除了 AD/DA 與類比對於音色的影響,是無法用原來的運算模式的。另外用硬體控制台只控制ㄧ個 plugin 感覺有點浪費空間......但若要追求 2290 的聲音,應該是不錯的選擇。

    *1985 年 2290 加上足夠的 RAM 大約要五六千美金 (15-20萬台幣)!1985 年的數位.....過了三十多年居然還是很難超越也是件奇事。

    TC2290-DT is a groundbreaking, versatile delay solution that features a dedicated hardware interface with full DAW integration and powerful signature presets that will fuel your inspiration and add instant character to your tracks.

    Capable of conjuring up virtually any conceivable delay type, TC2290-DT makes it easy to vitalize your tracks with everything from crisp repeats, to complex delay rhythms and ultra-expressive modulated soundscapes.

    TC2290-DT’s sleek tactile controls and authentic tone recreations gives you total creative control of your delay, allowing you to explore and experiment to your heart’s content. With its superior sound quality and extremely musical response, TC2290-DT is like adding another musical instrument to the mix!
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