Relab 發表 VSR S24 Reverb Plugin (TC 模擬)

本文由 掌門人2016-12-25 發表於 "錄音、MIDI、音樂製作" 討論區

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    掌門人 當代校長張超然

    自從 TC 放棄了 Powercore 軟硬體後,我就ㄧ直很懷念 VSS3 的 reverb 聲音。結果開發 native plugin 版本的反而不是 TC,而是 Relab!可能 TC 怕盜版、硬體好賺.....還是什麼原因,結果是 Relab reversed engineering 做出發表模擬 TC M6000 (VSS3 & VSS4) 的 VSR S24 Plugin。

    原價是 $230 美元,已經購買 Relab LX480 的用戶可以只需 $170 就可以擁有。為了那不可思議的 super clean early reflection 和極透明的立體 reverb,買不起ㄧ萬美金的 TC 系統的人就 (ㄧ起) 衝吧! :eek:


    The*VSR S24*delivers an exhaustive emulation of an iconic high-end unit for music and post production which can be heard on countless music and movie productions. With over 250 versatile and finely-crafted studio and cinema presets created to bring the highest level of sonic quality to all your DAW applications.

    ⦁ Relab has painstakingly recreated every characteristic of this complex unit and adds enhanced parameter ranges for infinite creativity.
    ⦁ Selectable reverberation engines and characteristics.
    ⦁ Extensive selection of Early Reflection patterns ranging from studios to various concert halls: Bathroom, Theater, Church, Vienna Halls and more.
    ⦁ The VSR S24 keeps the controls of the original, and adds higher precision calculations.
    ⦁ New features include selectable reverberation engines and characteristics for each channel for simulating any environment.
    ⦁ Over 250 presets.
    ⦁ Modern workflow with interactive graphical display illustrating the frequency stages of the reverberation.

    The reverb excels at applying ‘prettier than life’ reverberation to many sources of a mix or complete stereo/multi-channel stems. It adds complex Early Reflections as well as a beautiful uncorrelated diffused response to the signal.

    With a wide array of adjustable parameters, you can add a subtle ambience to the recording or create the perfect spaciousness of well-constructed concert hall down to its uneven reverberation behavior.

    The VSR S24 plugin is a result of several years of research, tuning and optimizations.

    The VSR S24 is fully functional cross-platform plug-in reverb supporting AU, VST and AAX.
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