metric halo MIO console Character Select問題

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    在網上找到關於metric halo 的 MIO console 上 Character Select 說明
    這是指搭配不同mic、mic pre或DI時有不同的設定
    這設定是指metric halo MIO console 會改變什麼呢?很好奇,是軟體dsp嗎?

    Character Select: All input strips support this control which allows you to select which character model will be applied to the input signal. The various character models offer unique, high quality harmonic and tonal coloration to your signal. Choose “None” to disable character modeling. You may also Op- tion-click the Character setting to bypass it for easy A/B listening.

    Transformer: Applies the harmonic distortion signature of a transformer-coupled input.
    Valve: A tube-based EQ input stage.
    FET: Model of a solid state (transistor) front end.
    Soft Sat: Tube-based EQ with saturation.

    Boutique Tube: Hand-made tube mic pre.
    1- American Transformer 1: A variation of the "Transformer" model.
    2- American Transformer 2: Second variation of the "Transformer" model.
    1- California Tube Mic: American designed tube mic pre.
    2- California Tube Line: American designed tube line input.
    1- Modern Tube DI: Mastering quality tube DI.
    2- Modern Tube EQ: Mastering quality EQ.
    3- Modern Tube Soft Sat: Mastering quality EQ with saturation.
    4- Modern Tube LG: A tube mic pre with a low gain setting.
    5- Modern Tube MG: A tube mic pre with a medium gain setting.
    6- Modern Tube HG: A tube mic pre with a high gain setting.
    7- Modern Tube Sym: Mastering quality EQ
    8- Modern Tube Soft Sat: Mastering quality tube mic pre with saturation.
    Classic British Mic Pre: A favorite large console mic pre.
    American Solid State: FET mastering EQ.
    01- California Vocal Box: Transformer coupled tube vocal processor.
    02- California Vocal Box Drive: Transformer coupled tube vocal processor with increased gain.
    British Mic Pre Clone: A popular clone of a favorite British mic pre.
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    只是模擬不同類比設計的音性/音質,用 on-board DSP 運算。:)