Garritan Personal Orchestra 第五版升級

本文由 掌門人2016-03-11 發表於 "錄音、MIDI、音樂製作" 討論區

  1. 掌門人

    掌門人 當代校長張超然

    這個聲音很好、用起來快速又方便的 Garritan Personal Orchestra 升級到第五版!可能因為競爭激烈,本來主打音色庫較小但好用的 Garritan Personal Orchestra 居然容量變成五倍.....儘管還是比許多管弦樂取樣音色庫小很多 (這其實是好事)。

    官方網站有許多 audio demos 與介紹:

    Personal Orchestra is the virtual instrument library that democratized the creation of orchestral music by making access to great sounds affordable. GPO 5 is five times larger than GPO 4 and offers more than 500 instruments. Some of the additions include:

    • New Orchestral Strings including 94 section string patches, 33 small sections, and 28 solo strings in a wide range of bow strokes and techniques.
    • Seven additional choir groups with 23 patches, including boys’ and children’s choirs as well as sopranos, altos, tenors and basses.
    • Updated brass instruments from the renowned ProjectSAM’s “Orchestral Brass Classic.”
    • Two new concert grand pianos: a legendary 9’ Model D and a 7’ Model B.
    • Completely new harp instruments with harp pedaling emulation, a custom organ console for expanded pipe organ control, more than 16 new impulse response presets, and much more.
    New instruments are just part of the GPO 5 package, with many advances also made in new techniques, performance spaces and reverbs, and instrument body resonances. The result empowers musicians to produce truly inspiring symphonic sounds with a much higher level of realism.

    Also included will be an updated ARIA Player, with additional controls, and a tree view making it easier than ever to load virtual instrument sounds.

    GPO 5 will have a list price of $149.95, and registered owners of GPO 4 will be able to upgrade for just $49.95.