Crave DSP 發表 Crave EQ 第二版本

本文由 掌門人2020-11-27 發表於 "錄音、MIDI、音樂製作" 討論區

  1. 掌門人

    掌門人 當代校長張超然

    Crave DSP 的 EQ 是我目前最推薦的 EQ plugin!不但用起來很快速、直覺,價格算低廉,最重要的是聲音很棒!如果需要的不是模擬特定的類比 EQ,而是可以自由增減 EQ,聲音卻還是很自然,這個 $69 美金的 EQ 是很好的選擇!

    What's New in Version 2:

    Precise Stereo Positioning (Directional EQ)
    Peaking and shelving filters can be precisely placed in the stereo field. Use the new M/S and L/R filter knobs in combination to apply width to adjust focus followed by panning to change direction. A new direction bar around each band shows the amount of focus and direction.

    Improved Spectrum Analyzer
    The new spectrum analyzer supports higher frequency resolutions, features improved ballistics and can be configured to display any of the M, S, L, R (and combined L/R) channels of the input and output signal. The analyzer can be zoomed up to 4x by dragging up/down on the frequency axis. Dedicated preset management for saving/loading analyzer presets.

    Linear Spaced Frequency Lines
    Option to switch from logarithmically spaced frequency lines to a new linear spaced frequency display. Enabled by right clicking the editor background and choosing Lines -> Linear from the context menu.

    Sample Accurate Automation
    Supports sample accurate automation for offline bounces with compatible hosts and plugin formats.

    Phase Inversion
    The phase of the signal can be inverted by clicking the Φ button.

    Up to 4x Lighter on GPU
    The new graphics engine uses 8x less GPU memory and is up to 4x lighter on the GPU processor.
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