Apogee 的小型 mic preamp/ 96kHz AD

本文由 掌門人2002-01-24 發表於 "錄音、MIDI、音樂製作" 討論區

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    掌門人 當代校長張超然

    以下這個 Apogee 的小型 mic preamp/ 96kHz AD 看起來似乎是不錯的玩意。 Apogee以做高階 AD/DA 聞名,事實上他們的 preamp 也做得很好。這新產品結合兩者,有兩個 mic preamp,亦可接 TRS 的樂器輸入,96kHz的取樣之外,加上 AES 及 SPDIF 數位輸出。比較特別的是 Apogee 居然也做了 USB。雖然 USB 在電腦上已變成標準,而且對於少數音軌傳輸也絕對沒問題 (事實上 USB 2.0 比 第一代 FireWire 傳輸量還大),但很少廠商有辦法做到 Plug and Play 的穩定。 Apogee 做 USB 如果使用方便的話,對個人錄音是個福音,要不然將此產品當外接的 AD,效果也一定比一般錄音卡好很多。

    [​IMG] <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> New at the NAMM show from Apogee Electronics Corporation is the Mini-Me portable 2-channel A/D converter with built-in mic, line and instrument-level inputs and USB, AES and S/PDIF out, a successor to the popular AD-1000 and designed as the ultimate converter for location and portable use as well as in the studio.

    Two universal XLR/TRS connectors on the rear panel accept line, mic or instrument levels and impedances, the instrument input being selected automatically when a TRS plug is inserted. Switched 48v phantom power is provided. The preamp section was designed by the same team that produced the award-winning Trak2 design, and includes both independent left/right controls and a switched "CAL/LINE" position with multiturn presets. In addition to Apogee's famed Soft Limit, which gets maximum output level without digital overs, the Mini-Me includes a powerful new multi-curve soft-knee compressor/limiter for the ultimate in dynamic control.

    The latest Apogee A/D converters offer sample rates up to 96 kHz and word lengths from 24 bits to 16 and 20 with UV22HR -- all selected on a single control that also delivers digital black. Outputs include AES/EBU XLR and S/PDIF RCA connectors, plus a USB port for direct connection to the computer and audio software of your choice. Zero-latency headphone monitoring is controlled with a volume knob, while a control allows mixing of the direct signal and the return from the USB port along with stereo/mono monitor switching.

    The USB interface utilizes USB Audio support in the host computer's OS, with ASIO drivers to be available later, and has a special feature that matches the sample rate between the Mini-Me and the computer even if they are set differently, for true plug and play operation. The Mini-Me is to ship by the end of April, with a provisional SRP of $1495. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> http://www.apogeedigital.com