The Gibson 335 Guitar Book

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    新出版 Gibson 傳奇吉他 335 的書本,共 160 頁!


    Montclair, NJ - The Gibson 335 Guitar Book tells the story of Gibson's ES-335 and related models, as played by B.B. King, Alvin Lee, and Eric Clapton, among other virtuosos. It's full of great guitars, cool players, and fascinating historical detail. The book traces the story from Gibson's first thinline models to the company's signature instruments and modern re-creations of today.

    The book is in the tradition of Tony Bacon's bestselling series of guitar books and is really three great volumes in one. First, dozens of vintage and modern guitars are pictured in a gallery of greats that add up to a must-have semi-solid collection. Second, an absorbing tale takes you from the introduction of the 335 on to the prime early models and the changes that followed and through to the recent guitars of the modern Gibson era, all the while setting the technical achievements in their musical context. Third, there is an exclusive guide detailing all the info a collector might want on original models, reissues, new guitars, signature models, serial numbers, and more.

    All the classic models are here - ES-335, ES-345, ES-355, and ES-330 - as well as some the lesser-known models and offshoots, including the Crest, the ES Artist, the ES-Les Paul, the ES-347, and the ES-339, along with a good showing of signature models for famous players. There are archive and new interviews with Gibson personnel over the years and with many leading 335-family players, including Eric Clapton, Dave Edmunds, Dave Grohl, Grant Green, Justin Hayward, Jorma Kaukonen, Lee Ritenour, and many more.

    The Gibson 335 Guitar Book
    $29.99 (US)
    Inventory #HL 00137904
    ISBN: 9781495001529
    Width: 8.5", Length: 11.0", 160 pages

    About the Author:

    Tony Bacon writes about musical instruments, musicians, and music. He is a co-founder of Backbeat UK and Jawbone Press. Tony's books include The SG Guitar Book, The Ultimate Guitar Book, and History Of The American Guitar. He lives in Bristol, England.

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